eBay add 6 new countries to Global Shipping

This month eBay UK have added six additional countries to the Global Shipping Program (GSP)
1. South Africa
2. Saudi Arabia
3. United Arab Emirates
4. Ukraine
5. Estonia
6. Latvia

With GSP expansion into these new markets, sellers will find that their items are now able to be sent conveniently to millions more buyers worldwide without having to deal with the added complexity of managing the international postage and customs clearance process to these non-European countries.

GSP is ideal for casual sellers who simply don’t want the hassle or complexity of shipping overseas. It’s also suitable for professional sellers who do ship cross border but for countries which frankly prove to be too much hassle to deal with.

GSP is also aligned with eBay’s stated goal to bring 100,000,000 new buyers to the marketplace. That’s a massive target and is only going to be achieved by recruiting buyers from overseas territories which is why GSP is going to be so important to eBay moving forwards and why they’ve put heavy investment into the program to date.