Check your eBay account: have you been double charged?

Our best advice today is to check your eBay account and make sure that you’re being charged the correct fees. We’ve had several reports from eBay sellers that they’re seeing erroneous charges on their accounts. There are also some threads on the eBay Community Discussion Boards.

There seem to be several scenarios:

1) Sellers are being charged erroneously for revising items.
2) Sellers with free listings allowances are being charged to list.

We’ve put in a call to eBay to ask if they’re aware of an issue and asked what the best course of action would be. In the past when a similar problem has occurred eBay have made good on the errors before the invoices are issued and payment taken.

So it’s probably worth sitting on it for the time being before engaging in a long and frustrating correspondence with the billing team.

That said, we’d be interested to hear if you’ve been affected.

We’ll cover the topic again soon.