Changes to the PayPal user agreement

You’ve probably received an email today from PayPal outlining a selection of changes that are coming to the PayPal user agreement. You can read about them fully on this page. The changes will come into force on 19th November 2016.

So what is included? There’s a quite a lot: changes to buyer and seller protection terms, changes to foreign currency exchange terms, specific arrangements for dealing people in Brazil to pull out a few points.

But two changes in particular leap out as worthy of highlighting:

Firstly, PayPal will be permitted to use your logo and other items of your trademark when depicting your company on the PayPal site or app. The new terms say: “You grant the PayPal Group the worldwide right to use and depict your business name, trademarks and logos on our website and in our mobile and web applications for the purpose of displaying information about your business and its products and services.”

And secondly, there’s a change to the terms which means that when you offer PayPal on your website it must get equal billing with all other payment methods offered and you must not discourage people from using PayPal.

And in a rather stern and draconian turn of phrase, thou shall not speak ill of PayPal: “In representations to your customers or in public communications, you shall not mischaracterise or disparage PayPal as a payment method.”

You’ve been warned.