Changes to eBay UK Anchor and Featured shop customer support

eBay UK has made changes to the customer support provision for sellers with a Featured or Anchor Shop that are in force with immediate effect. A seller has forwarded us the email he received from eBay on Wednesday. (You can read it in full below.)

The email says: “With immediate effect, our customer support will be available to all Anchor and Featured Shop subscribers through both our European and international support centres. This is to ensure you’ll always receive optimal service.

We’ll make sure to direct your calls to the customer support staff who are best suited and trained to handle your specific issues.”

You can read the text of the email sent out to relevant shop owners below but it’s not entirely clear what the changes are going to be so we’ve sought clarification from eBay and can elucidate two specific changes.

– Anchor and Featured Shop subscribers will now receive Irish support and also responses from eBay CS centres around the world. It’s the “follow the sun” principle that means reps globally will be able to help you at different times of the day.

– New processes have been put into place so that specialised enquiries can be directed to the appropriate team members. Anchor and Featured Shop owners will likely have specific needs and you’ll be channeled to the rep who can best help you.

As far as we can tell there is no change to provision for Basic shops.

Several sellers have been in touch to say that they are unhappy with these changes. Specifically, they no longer have dedicated phone support from Irish reps. They perceive the support they get from other support centres around the world to be inferior.

According to one seller who contacted Tamebay, eBay UK Featured Shops subscribers have been universally transferred to non-Irish reps for some weeks. The seller notes that he considers the support from Manila to be less good than that from Dublin/Dundalk.

And that does seem to resonate with the fact the email sent to sellers does offer a discount in “goodwill” that would hardly be necessary if this was an unambiguously positive move. This editor is a bit confused.

To remind yourself of the various features and costs of the different shop levels, check out this page here.

At Tamebay we’ve always been keen to see eBay invest in Customer Support, to help sellers grow and support their buyers. But this quite confusing communique from eBay is a little troubling in its lack of clarity. How exactly will sellers be impacted?

Do let us know your views and experiences.

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