Amazon Prime Now UK £5 promo

Amazon is pushing its Amazon Prime Now product at the moment in the UK. Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 01.36.21

You can get a fiver off with the PRIMENOW5 coupon code. We don’t know if it’s universal or targeted but it’s worth having a go if you’re thinking about using Amazon Prime Now at the moment.

Amazon Prime Now is the service where you can get 1 hour delivery on a stack of products for £6.99 or a two hour same day delivery window for free if you’re in one of the eligible post code delivery areas. You need to be a current Prime subscriber.

Amazon is both bold and innovative when it comes to delivery and this same day delivery feature is a great service if you need things in a hurry and are willing to pay a few quid for a super fast service. Have you used it?

Here’s an information page, and a video, explaining it all.