Amazon offices raided by Japanese authorities

Amazon-Abandon-Price-Parity-PolicyJapan’s Fair Trade Commission has apparently raided Amazon’s far east offices.

Amazon are suspected of pressuring third party retailers to lower their prices on Amazon. We have of course seen a similar price parity policy in the UK and Europe but Amazon ultimately abandoned Price Parity across the EU in 2013. still have a General Price Rule which stipulates the price you sell on Amazon in the US must match or be lower than the price you sell at on any other channel.

It appears that in Japan Amazon have wanted retailers to set lower price on Amazon than on other channels and the Japanese authorities didn’t like this, hence the raid on Amazon’s offices.

How do you price your goods on Amazon now that you, at least in the UK and EU, are free from Price Parity rules. Are your products on Amazon priced generally the same, higher or lower than on your own website and other marketplaces?