What’s your holiday advice for fellow online retailers?

It’s a challenge that faces any small business. How do you run an enterprise and also get a holiday as well? And for many ecommerce sellers, the problems are amplified. Especially if you run as a one person band, or perhaps as a couple, it can sometimes seem near impossible to get a well-deserved break.

(Of course, the wags among you will ask: “what’s a holiday?”)

It’s not that easy to shut down your operation
Of course, you can switch on your eBay or Amazon holiday settings but such systems are not fool proof and a temporary hiatus very likely damages your standing in search and means your sales may well be sluggish when you return. And who can take a cut on income for a few weeks anyway?

Do you trust someone to take the reins for a few weeks?
If you’re in a fortunate position you will have someone who knows how your business works and is competent and willing to take over the day to day running of operations. You need to be confident that they under stand the importance of keeping up to your standards. But I suspect, especially with smaller outfits, that thus us a hard person to find.

Can you run your business remotely?
Admittedly, this does spoil some of the fun of a holiday, but can you use modern tech and communication to run your business remotely? You can administer your sales and customer support emails on an iPad beside the pool. Then someone back home can do the despatching or you could engage a fulfilment firm for the duration of your break.

You likely have brighter ideas. What are your bright ideas about taking a well deserved break?