Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2016 Results

Deliveroo may have won the Tamebay cup, but we know everyone who takes part likes to check out how they did against their rivals, especially if they were in different groups so didn’t get to see all the games. Here are the results tables from this year’s Tamebay Ecommerce Cup managed by Genie and the Geek.

If you’d like to see pictures of the teams they’re already available on Tamebay

Tamebay Cup Final

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2016 Group Results

Group A Group B Group C Group D
Uber 12 pts Gumtree 12 pts Deliveroo 14 pts WN Direct 15 pts
Royal Mail 11pts Uber Eats 10 pts Drinkstuff 13 pts eBay 12pts
Pivot 9pts Channel Advisor 10 pts Where2Buy 9 pts Salmon 9 pts
Net Despatch 9 pts Doddle 7 pts Iwoca 8 pts Klarna 6 pts
World First 6 pts Flubit 2 pts Currencies Direct 8 pts POQ 1 pt
Volo Commerce 5 pts Linnworks 1pt Barmans 4 pts Intelligent Reach 1pt
Flubit 0 pts Tamebay 1 pt

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2016 QUARTERFINALS

2 Royal Mail WN Direct 4
2 Deliveroo Uber Eats 0
3 Uber eBay 1
1 Gumtree Drinkstuff 3

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2016 SEMI FINALS

1 WN Direct Deliveroo 3
2 Uber Drinkstuff 1

Tamebay Ecommerce Cup 2016 FINAL

3 Deliveroo Uber 0