Tamebay comment: What would feature in your “perfect” eBay?

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 22.32.46Right at the end of Steve Fisher’s blog post on future developments on eBay (Have you read it all? You should because it’s a big statement of the the shape of things to come. Find it here.) He makes a utopian statement.

“This is only the beginning. We are instituting sweeping changes on the platform this year which will become more and more visible across the site. Ultimately, each and every one of these changes is being made to enable every person around the world to find their version of perfect on our marketplace. Stay tuned for much more to come.”

Perfect. It’s a big aspiration. And eBay nirvana is a bold aim that we should all support, right? What would your “version of perfect” include as a seller? Be positive and bold in your suggestions. Be optimistic and demanding. Don’t repeat the well rehearsed gripes. What should eBay do for you? What could eBay do to make your business sing and prosper?

It would be fascinating to learn how eBay is consulting with sellers and buyers. Certainly when it comes to the selling aspects of eBay, what do the product managers and senior staff, and indeed the programming team, know about the varied population and their day to day activities? The orders, the correspondence, the picking and packing and despatching: do you they understand the daily grind?

When I read over Fisher’s post the one semantic point that jars with me, and he uses it repeatedly, is his use of the word “our”. He refers to “our marketplace”, “our platform”, “our selection” and “our inventory”. If I was generous I’d suggest that this refers to the partnership that eBay Inc. perceives it has with you as a seller. But I rather think that eBay increasingly considers it owns the whole eBay experience rather like Amazon does. Surely in an eBay context the inventory and selection is not OURS but YOURS. THEY don’t sell anything.

But let’s take him at his word and think about what his vision means. Tamebay is an open forum so make some suggestions. Define perfection.