Prime Day 2 was Amazon’s biggest day ever

Prime Day 2016Not Black Friday. Not Cyber Monday. Not Singles’ Day and Christmas is months away. And yet Amazon report that their Prime Day 2016, held on Tuesday, was the biggest day ever in terms of sales for Amazon. Wow.

It seems that Amazon saw orders up by 60% on Prime Day this year. Orders from US shoppers are said to be up more than 50% year over year and the number of orders placed on Amazon’s mobile app more than doubled compared with Prime Day 2015.

Now, obviously, Amazon isn’t transparent on what that means in money terms. But making an estimate on existing data and speculation it would seem that Prime Day 2016 saw something like $2.5 billion in sales globally. Thats up from from $1.5 billion in sales globally on the same basis last year. And by any measure that’s astonishing growth.

There can be no doubt that Amazon Prime Day 2016 was a huge success. And we hope that you got your share in the bonanza. Tell us how you did.

And as Amazon Prime vice president Greg Greeley says: “After yesterday’s results, we’ll definitely be doing this again.” So if you didn’t get involved this year, it seems like a no-brainer to plan and plot for the next one.

How did you you do? Did you profit from Amazon Prime Day 2016?