eBay seller arrested and held for postage charges, cleared by independent enquiry

eBay New Logo FeatIt does have all the hallmarks of a farce. But could your disagreements with an eBay buyer end up with a period in the cells? It did for one eBay seller.

It’s all in the Daily Mail. (Yes, sorry.)

What’s the skinny? A man sold some Dinky toys for £16. The buyer quibbled about additional postage charges of £6. And then the seller ended up being arrested because a buyer reported him to the police for fraud on postage costs.

The seller, Charles Traynor, spent four hours in cells, had his DNA and fingerprints taken and was subsequently released. Traynor then complained to the Police Investigations Review Commissioner. And that body upheld three of his six complaints. Basically the rozzers over reacted.

Chief Inspector Andy Hutton, responsible for Police Scotland’s custody arrangements, wrote: “I apologise unreservedly for any distress or frustration you have been caused.”

Conservative MSP Alex Johnstone said: “It appears the police over-reacted hugely. How anyone could conclude the £16 sale of Dinky toys warrants this level of attention is beyond me. The fact he says he was denied medication makes the flashpoint all the more regrettable.”

Puts a few defects into perspective.