Deliveroo wins the 2016 Tamebay Cup

Deliveroo win the Tamebay CupDeliveroo triumphed in the final beating Uber to carry away the trophy as victors in the 2016 Tamebay Ecommerce Cup managed by Genie and the Geek for the second year in a row.

The quarter and semi finals were all hard fought matches and the teams that emerged from the group stages all had touch matches ahead of them. The standard in the Ecommerce Cup has been going up each year and by the final it’s really the team that have the most energy left who win (Note to anyone thinking of entering the 2017 cup, get fit and bring plenty of reserve players!)

The Final

Nothing can be taken away from Deliveroo, these guys are seriously fit but then they do spend their life buzzing around on bikes doing deliveries all day so they get plenty of exercise.

CA ShortsHonourable mentions go of course to Uber the runners up along with WN Direct and the second team from Uber who both dropped out in the semi finals.

Finally the prize for the player with the most bottle goes to the ChannelAdvisor shorts. Anyone that wears those shorts in front of over 200 of their peers across the industry deserves some sort of special mention!