Dealing with Amazon is Brutal (Worse than eBay)

“I find dealing with Amazon brutal.” That’s the conclusion of one Amazon seller who’s just found themselves suspended due to an IP rights claim from a competing merchant.

IPOThe story appears to be, our seller were happily sourcing and selling a product. Seller two comes along and starts selling the same product and decide to register a trademark for the sticker of the part number.

Our seller is then suspended for infringing seller two’s IP rights, they complain to Amazon, get no where, and only when both our seller and the manufacturer jointly threatened legal action to seller two was the complaint to Amazon withdrawn.

That leaves our seller desperately trying to justify to Amazon why they should be allowed to sell again and what steps they’ll put in place to avoid infringing any trumped up dodgy IP claims in the future. Oh and they’ve lost some £25k of sales, got stock tied up in FBA and another pallet of stock waiting to ship to FBA when Amazon start talking to them again.

Our seller told us “It’s not normal for me ever to praise eBay, but in the same situation they just deleted the listing and everyone got on with the life“. This does appear to be a problem with Amazon… that they’ll simply chop you off at the knees and suspend you for the slightest infraction. There’s no investigation or easy appeals process and your livelihood can disappear in seconds.

It’s also somewhat disheartening to realise another seller can so easily apply for a trademark for a product that they don’t own the rights to and then use that IP to kill off all their competition.

So how do you protect yourself against something like this? Is there any easy way to ensure someone can’t destroy your income by registering a trademark for products manufactured by someone else? Any tips and advice you have would be most welcome.