Amazon to create 1k new UK jobs, unconcerned by Brexit

In a bullish statement to the press Amazon UK head honcho Doug Gurr has said that so far sales have been in line with expectations, they’re creating more jobs in the Uk and the ecommerce titan is currently unmoved by Brexit.

Gurr says of the UK’s position in the EU: “There’s a lot of details to be worked out … We don’t know exactly what the regulatory environment will be, we don’t know exactly what the terms of the new separation will be. What we’ve said to all of our teams is: ‘As far as we’re concerned nothing changes. We’re still part of the EU as of today, we’ll continue to operate on that basis.” Needless to say Amazon employs quite a number of EU nationals in the UK.

He also announced the creation of 1000 new UK jobs. This comes on top of 2500 Amazon revealed earlier in the year and will take the total Uk Amazon workforce to 15500 by year end. The new jobs will be in the Amazon UK head office, R&D posts, customer service, the Amazon fulfillment centres and Amazon Web Services.