BT Broadband down for 2nd day in a row

BTAmazingly it’s half way through the second decade of the 21st century and still the Internet is still sometimes a fragile pile of crud.

This time its the turn of BT, for the second day in a row BT Broadband it down for a ton of their users, mainly caused by the failure of a datacenter in London.

There’s no point us trying to dissect what’s gone wrong, plenty of other companies will be doing this. What’s more important is are you able to get your work done today.

You may (if you’re ever so slightly technical) apparently be able to get online using your BT Broadband by changing your DNS settings to any ISP other than BT.

See if a neighbour at home or a business next door will allow you to temporarily jump on their WiFi to get you out of a hole.

If you have a 4G mobile phone (and have signal in your area) you could consider sharing your phone’s internet as a mobile hot spot.

A better option if you are in a 4G area is simply to buy a MiFi device and keep it on the shelf for emergency use.

If you’re with BT Broadband is it working at your office/warehouse/home. Have you been able to get any work done today?