Report of a sophisticated PayPal phishing email doing the rounds

It hasn’t been possible to verify whether this report of a clever PayPal phishing (fake email with the aim of defrauding) scam is true. But it’s worth sharing in case it comes your way.

But blog My Online Security has reported that a sophisticated PayPal related scam may be doing the rounds. As they say: “I received, what at first glance looked like a “normal” PayPal phishing email. It looked a typical email from a clueless phisher, using one of the phishing kits, with a standard email with a HTML form attachment. OK nothing weird or different, except all the obvious links in the HTML go to genuine PayPal sites.

The phishers are using a hidden JavaScript redirect method to steal the data, while the submit button still shows as going to This is extremely dangerous and very difficult for an average user to defend against and know that they are passing information to a criminal.”

You can read the full post here. And do lets us know if you’ve seen anything similar. And, needless to say, be vigilant as per.