How have you voted in the UK EU Referendum?

EU hmToday is the day. What they’re billing as the biggest vote in a generation is upon us. Will we stay or will we go? (Of course, many of you will have voted already by post.)

Tamebay hasn’t taken a position on Bremain or Brexit. That’s largely because we don’t think it’s our place to express an editorial view. You’re clever people and your decision will be based on your personal politics and circumstances. And, needless to say, your position is more complex than just pure business concerns.

But when it comes to the Editors at Tamebay, it perhaps won’t surprise you to learn that Dan is committed to remain and Chris is undecided.

But what really matters is what you think. And we’d love it if you would share your position. And when the results come in on Friday we’ll see how Tamebay readers compare to the result. It’s really just a bit of fun and completely anonymous. So vote in this poll too.

But do share a view in comments. We always love hearing your views. And let’s see what happens.

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