Have the Euros, weather and referendum affected sales?

FootballSo the Euro’s have started, Tamebay’s own Ecommerce Football Cup managed by Genie and The Geek kicks off next month. How’s it affecting your sales?

The High Street and Supermarket sales numbers are down pretty much across the board. Much as people would like to blame it on Amazon, the truth is at least for food sales that the majority of these are still with traditional supermarkets. It’s just that there are people like Aldi and Lidl taking a cut of the market.

The uncertainty surrounding the EU Referendum may also be playing a part. Uncertainty is never a good thing to persuade shoppers to loosen their purse strings. And then there’s the good old English weather which has at the same time been unseasonably warm at times while chucking enough rain down to flood London underpasses and other areas of the country in foot high deluges.

How has this added up to sales? We’d love to know. Did you see a dive as soon as the footie started on the TV, or was there an influx of shoppers turned off by football?

Today, being a Monday is always a good bellwether of Internet sales as there’s three days worth of orders to pack. Are you busy or are your sitting reading this twiddling your thumbs and wishing things were a bit busier?