Get ahead with Facebook Dynamic Ads eBook

This week Seeking Alpha published an article titled “Facebook Could Make eBay Obsolete“. It argues that local sales on Facebook are booming and beating eBay for person to person sales.

That may be the case if you’re selling your unwanted possessions, especially larger items such as you’re child garden swing that frankly is a bit bulky to ship. eBay is still the king for business to consumer sales and likely to be for some time, but that’s not to say that retailers should totally ignore Facebook.

One of the ways to access Facebook advertising is through their Dynamic Ads. Facebook Dynamic Ads help you save time developing ad campaigns and let you promote all of your products from one single creative template, without needing to configure each advert individually. All you need to do is give Facebook a few dynamic variables, which will be automatically applied to your adverts.

Lengow Facebook AdsThe guys at Lengow have a new white paper in which they explain:

  • The key steps to create your dynamic ads
  • The use of Pixel Facebook
  • Auctions, audiences, diffusion network: how to make the right choices?
  • The configuration of your ads with Lengow
  • Our advice to get started on this social network

You can download the white paper for free today.