eBay UK £1 capped fee promotion for casual sellers

£1eBay UK are running a lovely promotion for invited casual sellers where they can sell up to 100 items and pay no more than a quid an item for a successful sale.

There’ll be no insertion fees, no more than £1 final value fee and the only extras to pay will be if you add on listing enhancements, for instance if you use Subtitle you’ll still pay for that.

You can list in just about any category with the exception of Cars, Motorcycles & Vehicles and Property categories (motor parts are included).

Sadly you have to be invited to access the promotion. If you do get an invitation you also have to manually opt in to say that you’re interested. If you don’t opt in and list all your granny’s antiques then beware, you’ll pay the normal final value fees. If you’ve not been invited yet don’t despair, eBay have listed the promotion dates as “Valid as per the date shown on the marketing communication”, so you may yet get an invite.

Capping final value fees at £1 means that any item with a sale price over £10 in most categories represents a saving. This is an ideal opportunity to sell your more expensive unwanted possessions on eBay.

Whilst business sellers will naturally be annoyed that this deal isn’t open to them, it’s well worth remembering that a buyer who sells just one item on eBay not only has cash in their PayPal account which they may well respend, but the casual seller also then goes on to be a much more engaged buyer in the future.