eBay Multi-Variation listings 4X price restriction

eBay MVL smIf you sell using the Multi-Variation listing format on eBay, you need to be aware that there are some restrictions on price.

Tamebay reader David discovered that when he went to edit one of his Multi-Variation listings eBay wouldn’t let him – there’s a price limit for the highest cost variation to be no more than four times the cost of the lowest price variation. This probably isn’t an issue for products like T-Shirt, but it’s likely to cause issue for those selling products by length, items which can ship with significantly different features or if you’re selling both small and large quantities.

When I tested listing a Multi-Variation in a computer cable category, the eBay messaging said “Buyers are also often confused by a wide range of prices in a single listing. Although you may not have been aware of this, the maximum price difference between variations for this category is 4X“.

eBay offer further advice saying “If you’re offering different items or items with a price difference greater than 4X, please go back and list them separately. If you’re offering different quantities or wholesale amounts of an item, please add the word “lot” or “wholesale” to your listing title so that buyers can that different quantities are available“.

eBay Multi-Variation Listing 4X Price Restriction

I can understand the quantity or wholesale listings, but this causes an issue if I’m looking for something like ribbon, Ethernet cables, TV cables, material and any number of other products which are basically cut to length off a reel. There’s likely to be a big difference in cost between a 1m cable and a 50m of cable which will prevent you offering both lengths on the same Multi-Variation listing.

David who was selling cables told us “End result of all this for me, I ended up having to put my prices up for the shortest size cable, so bad value for the customer at the end of the day“.

Will this maximum four times price between your lowest and highest cost variations impact you? What will your solution be – adjust your prices or split your products into multiple listings which will be harder to manage and each individual listing will perform less in Best Match than a single listing with recent sales from all variations?