Amazon sues on fake reviews

Amazon is cracking down on fake reviews for products sold on its marketplace, according to reports.

And as part of the crackdown, Amazon is taking legal action against 3 Amazon sellers they believe have been buying fake reviews. In the past Amazon has targeted the reviewers themselves but this is believed to be the first time they have issued lawsuits on the retailers who seek such reviews.

Clearly by making public accusations, Amazon is making a moral point about reviews and how it expects them to be authentic. They have named three targets for lawsuits: Michael Abbara of California, Kurt Bauer of Pennsylvania, and a Chinese company called CCBetter Direct.

Amazon says of the action: “Our goal is to eliminate the incentives for sellers to engage in review abuse and shut down this ecosystem around fraudulent reviews in exchange for compensation.”

It’s a grey area. There isn’t anything wrong with a producer or retailer sending out free samples for an honest review, especially if the reviewer in question is an expert in the field. It’s quite something else if someone is paid to provide a positive review.

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