Amazon FBA items Miscategorised as Oversize

Amazon WarehouseHow often do you check your storage charges for products held in Amazon FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) warehouses?

It’s rare that mistakes are made by Amazon but one problem a Tamebay reader has shared with us is that products may on occasion be miscategorised as oversize when they’re not.

In this instance products in boxes 15cm x 15cm x 1cm had been charged as oversized when patently they’re not.

Once a product is miscategorised you’ll probably be charged the excess fees month in month out until the error is corrected. It might only be a few pence per item, but if you have large amounts of inventory and the error is unnoticed for months it could add up to a tidy sum.

It’s worth taking a quick look at your Amazon invoices and scanning for any products categorised as oversized and doing a quick check to see if that is correct. If you want to do a more through check of your Amazon FBA fees then DNA Response has an FBA Bulk Fee Calculator which might prove useful.