A Canada Post strike is pending

Here’s a warning for anyone who relies on Canada Post, the Canadian postal service, it looks like a strike is pending. It will start on July 2nd, apparently.

The dispute regards new contracts for Canadian posties. Mike Palecek of the Canadian Union of Postal Workers says: “We are asking management to give us a chance, to give the public review a chance, to keep sitting down with us at the bargaining table, and give the workers a chance to get a fair deal.”

Jon Hamilton of Canada Post says: “Canada Post has been attempting to move the negotiations forward since December with little success.”

Such logjams sound familiar.

But what does all this mean for online retailers and marketplace sellers? We haven’t seen any assurances from eBay or Amazon regarding this possible strike. But we’d hope that infractions for late delivery will be dealt with leniently.

Added to amend: This page about the possible strikes can be found on eBay Canada.