World First launches Japanese Yen service for online traders

WorldFirst has launched a new service in Japan providing access to a new market for online sellers worldwide.

WorldFirst‘s new Japanese Yen service makes it possible for marketplace sellers to sell on Japanese marketplaces and transfer their sale proceeds back to a ‘home’ account without the need for a local bank account.

World First’s launch in Japan adds to the markets and marketplaces that it can help online sellers worldwide access, joining existing services in the US, UK, Europe and Canada.

Jabu Henson, MD World First Asia said: “We are excited to be launching our award-winning service in Japan and helping online sellers make the most of the eCommerce opportunity in the region in the process. As the first provider to offer this service, we are opening up the attractive and fast-growing Japanese market to thousands of online sellers across the globe. Online sellers can now benefit from World First’s fast, efficient and cost-effective service when doing business in Japan, allowing them to focus on other important things – like growing their business.”