Top tips for selling online to Germany

A lot has been made of the fact that if the UK leaves the EU, after the referendum on 23rd June, that UK traders will lose a chunk of exports to Europe. And who knows which way that not will go?

But, in the meantime, it’s clear that Germany represents a massive market for UK ecommerce sellers to sell to. So how do you make the most of DE marketplaces?

This ebook from PlentyMarkets is bursting with insights. It looks at the peculiarities of selling in Germany and considers payments, returns and delivery issues with a keen local focus. The Germans do ecommerce differently from the Brits.

And, perhaps most usefully, it examines the very many different marketplaces that German shoppers use to buy. And then how UK sellers can plug into them.

It’s more than eBay or Amazon: think Ricardo, Fruugo, Zalando and the rest…

And, if any of that is news, then you definitely need this Guide to selling in Germany.