The habits of highly effective Amazon sellers

Currencies Direct featTamebay is launching another ebook download, this time in association with Currencies Direct, called: The habits of highly effective Amazon sellers.

Download it here.

The idea is to examine what those sellers who prosper the best on Amazon do and help you emulate their effective performance. The advice is based on a survey of 1500 Amazon sellers.

Some of the topics we consider are:

– What are the benefits of multichannel selling?
– Can Private Label Selling be effective for you?
– How can you optimise currency exchange when selling overseas?
– How can FBA help you?

When it comes to Private Label Selling (where you brand goods yourself that are generic or you’ve had manufactured yourself), it’s interesting to note that Amazon is going great guns on that, according to this article today in Forbes. If you’ve interested in that avenue before but not yet taken the plunge, the new ebook will be a useful read.

As per usual, it’s free to download and we hope you find it very useful.

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