RepricerExpress launches eBay repricer

tamebay-repricerexpress-capture-more-amazon-sales-300Repricing has long been part of the Amazon mix, but it hasn’t been a service that has been so much used by eBay sellers. So it’s interesting to see that RepricerExpress has launched an eBay repricer.

Repricers keep you competitive by analysing the marketplace, and the competition, and making sure that you’re offering the most attractive price between your set parameters to attract in the customers. It useful automation that would be impossible to do manually and it takes a lot of the guesswork out of setting prices.

As they say of the service: “Compete against Top-rated Sellers, sync your prices with Amazon
and keep both catalogue and non-catalogue products competitively priced without constant attention.”

There will be Competition based rues: “These will alter your eBay price (for Buy It Nows only) by analysing competitors selling the same catalogue items on eBay (using Barcode, EAN or UPC to match products). Competitors listed above or below your minimum/maximum prices would be ignored. You can also choose to filter out competitors using inventory quantity, feedback rating, country, Top-rated Seller status etc. You can have different competition rules for different types of products—and can choose to beat, match or price above your competitors as required.”

And Formula based rules: “These will alter your eBay price (for Buy It Nows only) using a price calculation which you can base on your Min Price (could be cost price or cost plus fees etc.), your Max Price or Amazon prices (using any Amazon channel you are subscribed to). You can have different formulae for different types of products. If the price you have based your rule on (e.g. Min Price, Amazon UK price etc.) changes—then the formula rule re-adjusts to calculate a new price and keep your eBay listings super competitive 24/7.”

You can find out more about the new RepricerExpress service here.