PayPal dump Amazon, Microsoft and Blackberry users

New PayPal app postPayPal are dumping support for all mobile operating systems other than Android and Apple iOS as of the 30th of June 2016.

If you’re using Amazon Fire, Blackberry or Windows mobile devices this means that your app will stop working in just over a month’s time.

You will of course still be able to log into PayPal using a browser (or send money with BBM for Blackberry users) but there won’t be a native app available for any mobile operating system other than Android and Apple.

PayPal say “It was a difficult decision to no longer support the PayPal app on these mobile platforms, but we believe it’s the right thing to ensure we are investing our resources in creating the very best experiences for our customers. We remain committed to partnering with mobile device providers, and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers“.

eBay dumped Microsoft and Blackberry ages ago, they have an Amazon Fire app but don’t bother to promote it on their mobile page which focuses purely on Android and iOS.

Whilst there are still plenty of Blackberry and Windows phone users, they are a tiny minority. According to Netmarketshare, in April 2016 61.92% of mobiles and tablets are Android based with 28.42% running Apple iOS. Just 4.03% use Windows mobile and 1.98% still have Blackberry devices.

The current list of PayPal supported mobile operating systems and devices are:
Android devices running OS 4.03 or greater
Apple devices running iOS 8.1 or higher: iPhone 4S or greater, iPad 2 or greater, and iPod Touch 5th gen or greater