Free returns for all Amazon marketplace clothes and shoe sales!

Amazon Returns smFor all clothing and shoe’s sellers on Amazon, Tamebay reader David has spotted some bad news. Amazon’s help page on “Arranging Marketplace Returns and Refunds” stipulates that the merchant is responsible for returns charges.

The page explains that sellers aren’t required to refund the cost of gift-wrapping, returning the item to the Seller, and other services provided in connection with your purchase unless the item is returned because of an error on the Seller’s part or because it’s defective.

The page then has a note stating “Shoes and Clothing items are entitled to refund of return postage costs, irrespective of reason for return”.

This is news to us at Tamebay HQ and we’re not sure if it’s always been the case or if it’s a new addition to Amazon’ return rules.

Having spoken to an experienced Amazon seller this evening, the chances are that buyers won’t know the intricacies of Amazon’s rules and will happily pay the return postage costs regardless. However as a seller of clothing or shoes you should be aware that all the items in these categories are returnable and you are liable for the return postage costs.