eBay UK experiments with category specific coupons

I received quite an interesting promotional email from eBay UK today that suggests they might be taking a more sophisticated approach to couponing.

Obviously, at the end of March, there was the site wide 20% off for a few hours that was highly successful. And whilst welcome, it represents quite a crude approach.

With this latest email it looks like they are targeting specific categories, in this case tyres. The coupon that I’ve been sent it for 10% off tyres. And obviously it’s good news for anyone in that sector that they’re stimulating sales.

What’s less good is the targeting of me as a buyer. eBay has over 15 years of shopping data on my eBay account and should know that I’ve never bought car parts before. I’ve never bought a car on eBay either. I don’t drive. A 10% coupon off second hand books or postcards, however, would have been most welcome.

Have you had a similar email?

Tyres Promo