Are you now offering 30-day returns on eBay?

ReturnsSince Sunday, if you wanted your eBay listings to display the Premium Service badge and qualify for seller discounts you would have to be offering 30 day returns.

Previously the returns window on eBay was 14 days in line with EU directives on consumer rights. You can still stick with the shorter returns window and just accept that you won’t get seller discounts on your fees or have the Premium Service badge displayed to buyers.

There comes a time when you have to make a decision for your business, for instance do you offer free shipping, can you despatch quickly, do you offer a long returns period and a ton of other options. This is one that’s probably not a make or break however. Most returns take place relatively quickly and if a returns request hasn’t been made in a week or two then there’s generally a much lower chance it’ll be requested in week three or four.

One of the more interesting complaints about this new policy is that eBay are too restrictive. It’s currently not possible to offer a returns period longer than 60 days on eBay and some sellers want to give their buyers even more confidence in making a purchase and offer anything up to 365 days returns.

Have you amended your listings to reflect the new returns mandate from eBay? Will you be doing so?