Amazon launch their own secret repricing tool

In a move which is sure to shake up the repricing industry, Amazon have launched Amazon Automate Pricing. A Tamebay reader sent us a link to a YouTube video posted by Amazon setting out how the Amazon repricer works.

You can automate pricing between a high a low point, price against the Amazon Buy Box price, set a percentage above or below your target and of course choose which products you wish to apply your repricing rules to.

If you turn repricing back off for a product then it will revert to the last price that you set.

There are a lot of repricing products on the market so it will be interesting to see how Amazon’s repricer stacks up against them. It would be natural to expect a repricer built into the Amazon platform would be the fastest and most responsive. However it may not have the sophisticated repricing rules built into other platforms such as repricing including (or excluding) postage costs or repricing against a specific competitor. Repricing is also a slightly different algorithm if you only want to compete with products in Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA), as Amazon Prime customers will automatically favour FBA products.

Another interesting wrinkle is that doubtless Amazon themselves will be using their own repricer.

Currently the repricer looks to be available to selected retailers only. We’ll be watching for a public launch and for it to become available on Amazon’s EU sites.

Would you consider using an Amazon repricer or would you prefer to stick to an external tool. As always it will probably come down to which makes you the most profit, which may well mean using a more sophisticated tool than Amazon’s own repricer.