Amazon launch Pan-EU FBA programme

Amazon is making it easier for UK sellers to plug in to their EU FBA (Fulfilment by Amazon) network.

You can now send your wares into an EU generic warehouse and Amazon will do the rest.

As they say of the new Pan-EU system: “Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA)’s suite of solutions can help you grow your business in your home marketplace and abroad. Now Pan-European FBA enables you to sell across Europe by helping you place inventory closer to your customers in Europe, and fulfilling and delivering orders fast at lower costs. Selling with Pan-European FBA makes your products eligible for Prime and visible to millions of customers across Amazon’s European marketplaces.”

To find out more check out the page on Amazon here.

The five connected EU markets they have in mind are the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain.

As one Amazon seller correspondent who has been in touch regarding this says: “What about tax and VAT? Amazon make it sound very easy but I suspect that many sellers aren’t paying their way. Can Tamebay shed any light on that?”

And the simple answer is no: we can’t but we’re sure that many other sellers are interested in that question. How is Amazon compelling sellers to pay their tax?

But equally, this is a leap forward for EU sellers and a convenient opportunity for selling more. Will you be taking advantage?