What are the scams experienced by eBay sellers?

The vast majority of eBay sales are successful. They must be, because otherwise eBay wouldn’t exist. And it’s true that most online sales are successful too. Amazon, eBay and PayPal have schemes in place that protect people that sell online.

But now I’m dredging here. What are the the scams that eBay et al sellers experience? I have a few ideas but why don’t you help me out with more examples?

The Not Delivered Scam
The seller sends something untracked and then the buyer claims it was never delivered. Often related to low value items, the buyer makes a claim to eBay, Amazon or PayPal and gets the refund and the seller is shouldered with the bill. Obviously, the item was sent. The buyer is trying it on and usually the seller is out of pocket.

The Returns Scam
An item is bought and is declared phoney by the buyer. And then the item returned is not what was sent. That sexy camera that comes back is very much less good than the one sent. But the marketplaces are unable to judge that. Great item comes back as shit product and the seller has to shoulder the cost. How many sellers know that one?

The Dodgy payments scam
An item is bought and the buyer asks it to be sent to anywhere but the official payment address. The buyer is in Birmingham (say) but it must be sent to Nigeria. The seller sends the items and discovers it’s not a protected transaction. Don’t do it.

Can you think of other scams?