Some eBay sellers ship ‘Dirty’ goods quicker than jiffy bag stuffers

eBay are forever telling us that we need to deliver as fast as possible and we know that this isn’t always possible for goods which are heavy or oversized. At least it’s not impossible but it’s no where near as easy as goods which can be dropped into the Royal Mail delivery sack.

What’s reasonable will partly depend on your customers and of course in the logistic arrangements that you have in place.

Rabbit HutchHaving made two purchases on the eBay Flash Sale on Thursday evening, two sellers have demonstrated that large, heavy oversized products can be delivered fast. The first product was a 6 foot rabbit hutch with a 4 foot by 6 foot run. It came in two boxes, one of which weighed 36kg.

I made the purchase about 4.30pm on Thursday evening I was astonished that the delivery took place some time before I woke up on Saturday morning. I can’t tell you which courier was used as I didn’t see them, but when I got up the boxes were outside my front door. It was delivered some time around 7am in the morning less than 48 hours after I placed the order.

Fence PostsThe second purchase is even worse from a carrier point of view. I purchased six 4″ by 4″ 3 metre long fence posts. 3 metres is about as oversize an item as you can get but I’ve had notification that they’re being delivered at some point today, just two working days after the order was placed.

These two purchases are in carrier parlance about as ‘dirty’ goods as it’s possible to order on the Internet. No standard carrier would want to touch either delivery due to the weight and size and yet one order has already been delivered and the other is scheduled to arrive today. (Edited to add… they arrived at 12.30pm.)

If sellers of this type of product can despatch so speedily (and I didn’t opt for express carriage), then it begs the question as to why dropping something in a jiffy bag and popping it in the post sometimes takes much longer.

Whilst there’s nothing that can make a 48 hour courier deliver faster, the key is in the despatch time. It still amazes me that some sellers can take longer than a day to pick and pack an order. Shipping the day of the sale isn’t possible for everyone. Shipping the working day after the sale should be possible for almost all items unless they’re being custom made.

Is there any excuse for being slow to despatch? How quickly do you aim to despatch and are you shipping ‘dirty’ goods or products which go in the mail or via a standard courier?