eBay Seller Release: Product reviews now live on site

As part of the Spring Seller Release, eBay are officially announcing that product reviews are now live on eBay UK, which can help increase conversions on your eligible listings.

From now, you’ll see product reviews linked to listings and eBay are gradually rolling product reviews out across supported products over an initial 2-month period. Product reviews are launching desktop and mobile sites first, with the mobile app to follow at a later date.

Reviews are associated with a specific product, rather than a listing or a seller. Reviews will also carry the username of the person that wrote it visible to everyone who reads the review. You will be able to report inappropriate and offensive reviews, as well as those for completely different products on your listings, and eBay will check and remove these where necessary.

To ensure that buyers use product reviews appropriately, there is no link between this feature and your Feedback rating. So, for example, if a buyer does not like a particular product, this will not affect your seller performance rating.

The two types of product reviews

Verified reviews

From buyers who have purchased the item on eBay.

Unverified reviews

From buyers who have purchased an item elsewhere.

eBay will display a star rating at the top of eligible listings. This is an average of all the scores submitted for both types of review. Buyers can then choose to click for more information about what other buyers have said about that product.

Product Identifiers and Item Specifics

If you want buyers to review your products (even if they’re unique to you) then you much complete eBay’s Product Identifier and Item Specific fields. eBay need to be able to identify your product is the same as another to collate reviews, or to establish that yours is a unique product so that the reviews are unique to your item.

Why are eBay doing this?

eBay had reviews a decade ago and dumped them. It was the same with user blogs, about me pages and a ton of other content ideas. Someone looked at reviews, mistakenly decided they weren’t worthy of the modern eBay and scrapped them.

Now the Internet has come full circle, search engines like Google love unique content and adore user generated content so reviews are back in vogue.

I’m willing to bet that someone somewhere in eBay there is a long term employee who mourned the demise of the original reviews and is now thinking “I told you it was a bad idea to scrap them”.