eBay Seller Release: JavaScript and Flash banned by 2017

JavascripteBay just dropped a bomb shell for many eBay listing enhancement third party providers. From early 2017 eBay will be limiting the use of active content such as JavaScript and Flash in Item Descriptions.

eBay say that “The use of active content in listings, including JavaScript, Flash and form actions can inhibit purchases on mobile devices and can lead to abuse in the marketplace. From spring 2017, we’ll limit the use of active content in all new listings across all devices and it will not appear by default. Later in 2017, we plan to remove or block listings with active content. We encourage you to limit your use of active content now“.

eBay have given plenty of notice for developers to rewrite the code for their content (perhaps using HTML5 standards) and will provide more information later this year about which functionality will be limited and provide the specific timing in early 2017.

eBay are working closely with third party partners in cases where they use active content on your item descriptions.

eBay suggest that you remove active content today for faster load times of your listings, optimisation for mobile devices and importantly a more secure marketplace.

The security aspect is the most important. Historically sellers have used third party tools to add in functionality that eBay simply didn’t have. Sadly scammers use similar code for malicious purposes.

I remember the days when if you wanted a picture on your listing you had to use a service like Photobucket and code it manually. If you wanted an image gallery you had to use some JavaScript and if you wanted to cross promote your other listings you would probably have used a tool like the Auctiva scrolling galleries.

Today eBay have functionality to display images and eBay’s gallery works better for mobile display and for desktop search, they have cross promotion tools and there really shouldn’t be much need to add widgets to your listings. If you do want to then your widget creator will have to use modern code, not active content.