Where do you sell and on which marketplaces?

Following Tamebay’s Winter Survey, we’ve been collating the results and can now share a picture of which key marketplaces you use and which emerging territories you aim to focus on in the future.

Marketplace Tamebay Readers Use

It’s very clear that eBay and Amazon are still the dominant forces. What is a surprise is that Google Shopping (23% of readers) and Rakuten (27%) are roughly on a par with Facebook Ads (22%). Facebook is fast becoming an important channel for Tamebay readers.

18% of Tamebay readers only sell on one marketplace and a further 23% sell on two but 13% of readers sell on more than five different marketplaces around the world.

The marketplaces you use also reveal that there’s a lot of interest in emerging territories and some of you are already targeting new countries.

TerritoriesTamebay Readers Target

Whilst there’s most interest in China, it’s South East Aisa where the highest number (29%) of sellers are already active and almost as many readers currently sell in Brazil (21%) as do in China (23%).

India is just as appealing a territory as China with Africa close behind, but most sellers are yet to start marketing to these countries with just 17% of you currently selling to India and 14% to Africa.

Prize Draw Winner

Finally congratulations to Steve of MadMolly Trading who won the Winter Survey draw for the Apple Watch, which is winging it’s way to him as we speak.