Seller Dynamics expansion focus on Rakuten

Seller DynamicsSeller Dynamics have extended their online marketplace management service to support eight Rakuten sites. Rakuten sites in the UK, Germany, Spain, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore & Taiwan are now supported giving retailers a series of new sales opportunities biased toward the east.

The additions complement the existing support already in place for the various Amazon, eBay and Fnac marketplaces and will appeal to those retailers already selling throughout Europe who want to increase their sales with little effort. For those with the correct products the eastern Rakuten marketplaces offer a potentially exciting way to test and penetrate new markets.

Whilst we know that (since the change from Rakuten UK has been slow to take off, the same isn’t true for other Rakuten sites around the world. The (ex Tradoria) site in Germany should be of interest and especially the ability to sell to countries in the east.

Rakuten FeatWe’ve added in the 8 Rakuten’s for a couple of reasons” said Alex Ogilvie MD at Seller Dynamics, “Obviously for folks selling in Europe adding in another couple of markets is a no brainer. But it’s the marketplaces that are further afield that we are most interested in seeing how they perform. Good quality, high value UK and European brands are likely to do well. With little or no financial risk in trying Singapore or Japan out, it’s a good way for retailers to test the market”.

Seller Dynamics is provided as a fully featured marketplace management system providing repricing, order management, stock control, despatch and goods-in management facilities. The system also provides a programmable interface to permit third party business systems to connect where needed and has a completely free 30 day trial available.