Product Identifiers are now Mandatory on eBay

eBay’s Product Identifier requirement has now gone live. This means that you may find ‘Good til Cancelled listings’ are failing to renew if you’ve not already updated them. You also won’t be able to list new products without adding the required details. eBay have a list of impacted categories available.

Product Identifiers may include a GTIN (EAN, UPC, ISBN), Brand and Manufacturer’s part number (MPN).

“Does not apply” ruse

One simply way around the new Product Identifier requirement appears to be to simply bulk list all of your items to set “Does not apply” for each attribute.

Why “Does not apply” is a bad strategy

Does Not Apply eBay Product Identifier

Whilst we have every possible sympathy with sellers who have too many listings and simply don’t have the time to set real attributes, it’s worth pointing out that simply selecting “Does not apply” is likely to hurt you in the long run.

One of the reasons eBay is so keen to get catalogue information on your products is so that they can better compare products in search results and surface your products when possible. They are much more likely to prefer products with completed data than those which are effectively blank.

Another consideration is that Google have started to insist on at least a GTIN in their product feeds. If you’re hoping that the fees you pay to eBay will be used to drive traffic to your items, taking the lazy way out won’t work. eBay can’t upload your products to Google if you don’t give them the required information.

Check your failed GTC relists

Inevitably you’re likely to find the odd listings which doesn’t renew due to a missing Product Identifier so make sure you keep an eye out for unexpectedly ended items.

We’ve also heard (but been unable to reliably duplicate) that some sellers are adding Product Identifiers to all of their listings, only for reports to then state a few listings still need to be edited. It’s worth running your report to make sure that no listings have mysteriously added themselves to the list of those needing Product Identifiers adding. Of course again you’ll find any failed listings in your ended items.