Package Guard Kickstarter bid to stop doorstep parcel theft

A US entrepreneur has started a Kickstarter campaign to fun a device that will help stop the theft of parcels from doorsteps and porches.

Mike Grabham is seeking a $45,000 Kickstarter investment for the invention he’s calling Package Guard.

Roughly the size of a dinner plate or Frisbee, Package Guard is connected to your Wi-fi and is a place where deliverymen can drop parcels.

The device will then alert a customer that their package has been delivered to their premises. And if someone tries to take the parcel it sets off a loud alarm alerting you to the theft.

If you get involved with the Kickstarter campaign you can get Package Guard for $40 preorder on Kickstarter although it has an expected RRP of $69 to $79 if it comes to market.

Grabham says: “The product is really simple. It sits on your doorstep and when UPS or Amazon or FedEx puts a package down on top of it, it lets you and your neighbors know with e-mail and text alerts that you’ve gotten a delivery. If someone tries to take a package, they get scared off because the packages cover the device, so they don’t know it’s alarmed. Also, it’s pretty loud.”

Now, obviously, this is a US invention but we also know that there is room for improvement in the “safe place” delivery culture in the UK.

Check out the video demo here: