How long does an eBay buyer have to make an INR claim?

Someone asked me this question last week and I had to think. It certainly used to be 45 days but is it 30 days now? I couldn’t remember. Try searching for the answer and you’ll find it’s remarkably elusive.

On the eBay Money Back Guarantee page, there is this advice for buyers: “You’ll need to contact the seller within 30 days of the actual delivery date, or the estimated delivery date if an item hasn’t arrived.”

And then a reader wrote in with an interesting case. He sold an item to an overseas buyer on 23rd December and yet in the first week of March an INR claim was found against him and the buyer refunded. So how is that possible?

The answer lies in where the 30 day countdown begins for an INR claim and the answer is that it starts on the latter of the two estimated delivery dates. In this case, and don’t forget this was an overseas sales, the eBay estimated delivery dates were between January 17th and February 9th. So an INR claim made in early March was correct under the rules.

Even for domestic delivery, some of eBay’s delivery estimates can seem rather long, so it’s worth bearing in mind that buyers will always have more than 30 days from purchase to file for a refund on an item not received.