eBay to add auto returns rules for new sellers

eBay have updated their user agreement with one significant change which will impact new sellers.

They have added a two sentences which read: “For all new sellers, eBay may set a default rule that automates the return process for some or all listings where returns are accepted. Sellers may remove or customise their returns preferences in their account settings within My eBay“.

The automation part is in itself not desperately significant as eBay already give you the ability to set automation rules for returns, for instance if a return is of a low value you can automatically accept a return and allow the buyer to keep the product, saving the cost of return shipping.

The part that will be interesting is to see just what returns automation rules eBay sets. eBay have disclosed that they have “added new terms to cover upcoming changes to the eBay returns process”. I guess we’ll find out exactly what these terms may be in the next seller release.

As always you will automatically accept the new User Agreement if you do nothing immediately for new members and from 15 April 2016 for existing eBay users) or of course have the option to close your account if you don’t like the new terms.