eBay makes the case for including videos in listings

In a piece called The Why and How of Adding Video to Your eBay Listings, Audrey Tracy makes the case for eBay sellers for video on eBay. It’s based on US data.

Younger shoppers increasingly use online video. As she notes:

“- 43% of US Baby Boomers use YouTube
– 58% of US Gen X’ers use YouTube
– 72% of US Millennials use YouTube

Notice a trend? The appetite for video on YouTube is growing exponentially with each generation. However, small businesses, at least in the US, aren’t keeping pace. Only 9% of US small businesses use YouTube.”

We can all agree that video is increasingly popular online. The only question that needs answering is whether videos help your buyers make a purchase on eBay and it seems the jury is still out on that. The article suggests that a simple smartphone video hosted on Youtube is adequate. And that doesn’t seem quite right if you want to project the right business image.

And as a professional seller, it’s vital to make the call as to whether the time and effort that making genuinely decent and elucidating videos can offer a return on investment. It could well be a no-brainer for top lines. If you can produce a video that you use again and again, just like top-notch images, the investment is often justifiable. But for sellers of many separate items, it’s hard to see that it’s a viable option.

Do you use video in your listings? If not, why not? Can you be persuaded?