BST starts next Sunday how it affects eBay Auctions

Cat Clock smThis coming Sunday, the 27th of March British Summer Time begins. Everyone loses an hour’s sleep but no one cares as the evenings get longer and at last there’s a good chance that you’ll get home from work while it’s still light.

One thing that will change is what time your eBay auctions end. If you started a seven day auction today at 7pm, then next Sunday it’ll finish at 8pm. This is because eBay will still give you a full 168 hours (7 days each 24 hours long). I your listing finished at 7pm after the clocks change then you’d be short changed and only get 167 hours.

This does mean that if you generally have your auctions end late in the evening that they might finish after all your bidders have gone to bed. You have been warned.