Are sellers required to ship with tracking after all for

Amazon CourierBack in November we wrote that 95% of all packages sent would have to be sent via a tracked method when sold on This is according’s new Valid Tracking Rate Policy. We wrote a followup post in December with information via Royal Mail that this wasn’t going to be the case for UK sellers.

We’ve heard from Tamebay reader Fergus who says “I then kind of ignored it as a result of that but notice that this is affecting us. I’ve not had a response from Amazon on it yet, but a look around the web seems that other people are in the same boat and our Valid Tracking Rate metric is not good“. told Fergus “All seller are required to provide valid tracking numbers for 95% of their U.S. shipments. That is items shipped to U.S or within U.S from any part of the world requires valid tracking. Sellers need not provide tracking for freight shipments or for small items, such as screen protectors, greeting cards, and so on, that are shipped in Standard Mail envelopes or First Class Mail envelopes“.

The approved carriers are UPS, UPSMI, USPS, DHL, DHL Global Mail, FedEx, FedEx Smartpost, OnTrac, Newgistics, Canada Post, Lasership, EMS, and EUB.

This suggests that UK merchants listing on DO need to ship with tracking and preferably one from the approved list above for which support tracking information for verification.

Finally Amazon added “Please note that if you have enough proof to confirm that the order is delivered within the Estimated Delivery Date (screenshot of the delivered status or the tracking URL which confirms the delivered status) then you may contact our Performance Team at so that they will make a note of it“.

I can’t see too many sellers who have time to screenshot tracking confirmation for each item that they sell in order to email it to Amazon seller support!

How are your metrics? Have you found a suitable tracking solution for shipping to the US from the UK that meets’s Valid Tracking Rate metric requirements?