Another user banned from Amazon

Amazon BanAmazon have banned another customer from making future purchases and closed his account. According to the Guardian headline he was “Banned by Amazon for returning faulty goods“.

Read on however and you’ll discover that the customer returned 37 purchases that were faulty, damaged or not as described. That’s 37 out of 343, way over 10% of items that somehow had a problem.

I don’t know about you, but I’m an Amazon customer and I think most people would agree that they’re pretty good at what they do. At least half the time I purchase is from Amazon Retail and the remainder from third party Amazon merchants.

The customer complains that Amazon didn’t give him a “proper explanation” and insists that he didn’t try to abuse the system. Whilst we don’t know the details of this particular case, I think it’s fair to say that anyone that returns one in ten purchases with a fault or is unfortunate enough to keep purchasing products not as described is probably one of your more difficult customer to deal with.

Amazon refused to comment on the particular case and rolled out their standard statement to the media regarding banned accounts: “Our goal is to deliver the best experience for the millions of customers who shop with us. In a tiny fraction of cases, we are forced to close accounts where we identify extreme account abuse. This decision is only taken after we have reviewed the account carefully and tried to work with the customer over an extended time period to resolve any issues“.

It’s hard to find a reason not to side with Amazon. If you’re one of the third party merchants selling on Amazon we suspect you may well be applauding their decision to ban this user and others with similarly high return rates.