Amazon Logistics now deliver up to 80% of Amazon UK sales

Amazon Courier hmWe all know that Amazon are setting up their own Amazon Logistics couriers and that they are taking on an ever increasing number of Amazon Retail and third party seller deliveries from Fulfilment by Amazon (FBA).

Up until now we’ve never really known what percentage of Amazon orders are delivered by Amazon’s own courier, but today we can reveal that Amazon Logistics may deliver a massive eighty percent of all Amazon and FBA sales.

A seller has shared their FBA delivery breakdown by courier for close to 1,000 orders shipped from Amazon in February 2016. The numbers are fascinating.

% of Amazon Sales by Carrier



Royal Mail
Smiths News

Close to 80% of orders shipped through Amazon Logistics. Royal Mail’s share of this sellers Amazon FBA orders is down to just 15% and it’s highly probably that Amazon simply use Royal Mail for the awkward outlying areas of the UK. Incidentally they are the areas that will cost Royal Mail the most to delivery to so that 15% isn’t doing them too many favours.

It’s also likely that some of the FBA deliveries going through traditional couriers may be larger or heavier items which Amazon don’t want to handle in their own network, or which are unsuitable for Royal Mail and destined for areas of the country where Amazon Logistics isn’t yet set up.

The Smiths News deliveries will be items purchased under the the Pass My Parcel same day Amazon collection services.

One has to wonder how long it will be before one of the couriers takes a stand and simply tells Amazon that their business is no longer welcome. Of course even a small percentage of Amazon’s business is still a pretty large deal, so it would be surprising to see a carrier pull out.

It will be a brave courier who is first to tell Amazon that they’re fed up dealing with an ever decreasing parcel volume none of which goes to the lucrative easy to service areas of the country and that they’re fed up with servicing Amazon’s most expensive deliveries to the far flung corners of the UK.

All carriers both post and courier should be worried at these figures, although they’re probably all too well aware of their decreasing volumes from Amazon. 80% (at least from one retailer) is a staggering percentage of deliveries to be performed by Amazon’s in house private courier network.