Amazon FBA rejecting incoming shipments of some ASINs

Over the past few days, we’ve had several reports from Amazon sellers that Amazon is limiting the acceptance of some ASINs to their FBA fulfilment centres.

When trying to create an FBA shipment one seller received this error message: “You are already at the maximum inventory allowed for this product, due to capacity or other restrictions. This product must be removed from this shipment.”

The reasons for Amazon not accepting certain stock are not clear. Some say it is a technical glitch. Others have speculated that Amazon’s FBA warehouses are filled to capacity. But it seems most likely that Amazon don’t want to stuff their FCs full of slow moving stock for which there isn’t adequate demand.

And there is a way to check if your ASINs are subject to limits at the moment. This very useful blog from Online Selling Experiment runs you through the process step-by-step. (I suspect this is the process on so it may be slightly different for UK Users.)

Have you been affected by this problem?